About Us

At Cloverleaf Developments, we draw upon over 20 years’ experience in running care homes to design and develop residential care facilities. We understand what is required to run successful care homes and how to best deliver care and comfort to residents. When designing our buildings we consider all aspects of privacy, dignity and comfort of the residents.

Quality Partners

We are dedicated to quality. Which is why we only work with respected contractors who can display a portfolio of consistently high-quality developments. We also ensure that we partner with reputable care home operators who will provide the highest levels of care.

By insisting on high quality throughout each stage of the process, we ensure longevity and sustainability of our projects. It is this futureproofing that offers such great returns for our investors.

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Find the Right Site

The first step of the process is to find the right site. We look at local amenities, accessibility by road and public transport, local population density and the size of the land. All of these considerations are made whilst considering the environmental impact. If you have a potential site, we’d love to speak with you.

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Meticulous Design

We have many years of experience in running care homes as part of a family business. Which is extremely valuable when it comes to designing a care home. We consider all aspects of care delivery and the quality of life of the residents. We also design to optimise energy efficiency and to reduce the ongoing carbon footprint. Once the designs are complete, an important part of our process is gaining consent from the local authorities.

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Quality Build

By insisting on high-quality building standards, we ensure the longevity of the care facility. And, by using reputable contractors, we ensure that developments are completed on time and on budget. We maximum energy efficiency by using the latest technologies, such as ground source heat pumps, and photovoltaic panels.

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Comfortable Living

We work with reputable care home operators to ensure a high standard of care continues long after the care home has been built. By insisting on quality designs, building standards and reputable operators, we are able to ensure continued returns for our investors. If you are a care home operator and think we would work well together, then get in touch with us.

Environmental, Social and Governance

We are committed to developing care homes that are built with the future of the planet in mind. We use renewable and efficient energy sources wherever possible to reinforce our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. Greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity loss are always considered when sourcing a potential site and drawing up new plans.

By partnering with respectable developers and operators, we ensure that residents are given the best possible ongoing care. Furthermore, it ensures that staff are recruited with equal opportunity, are well treated with fair pay and receive employee benefits.

We also have a duty to our investors that we take very seriously. We ensure that projects are delivered to plan, but we will not take risks. We operate with transparency and integrity, ensuring that we comply with rules and regulations and that there are no conflicts of interest.

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Find out more

If you would like to learn more about Cloverleaf Developments, then please get in touch. You can call us on 01737 236187 or email us on enquiries@cloverleaf.co.uk.